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Reduce Costs and Extend Your Network - Transition Ethernet Extenders (August 2020)

Looking to connect and power IP devices that need to be installed beyond the 100m Ethernet cable limit or in a historic building where existing cabling can't be disrupted?

Transition Networks' Ethernet Extenders with PoE+

  • Save money by using existing wiring to connect and power cameras, wireless access points and other devices located a greater distance from your core switches than Ethernet specifications allow.
  • Provide 802.2 at/af power to connected devices.
  • Accomodate higher bandwidth (near Gigabit network speeds) for intelligent devices and enhanced services at the network edge.
  • Reduce service costs related to power glitches with Auto Power Reset (APR) features.

Take a look at Transition's Ethernet Extenders here.

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