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Need Access to A Secure Fiber Network but Donít Want to Be Tied to a Desktop PC? (December 2019)

Unleash Your Laptop

A fiber-optic network provides first-class security, but if you have to sacrifice mobility by being tethered to a desktop PC, that might be a problem. Why not take advantage of that fiber network from your portable laptop or tablet? We have a solution.

Transition Networksí Scorpion-USBô Adapters provide access to fiber networks by simply plugging one end of the adapter into your portable computing deviceís USB port, and connecting the fiber to the other end of the adapter.

Scorpion-USB instantly provides access to a fiber network without requiring a fiber optic connection built into the laptop or tablet.


  • Ideal for use in government agencies and universities where sending secure information is imperative
  • Increases wireless bandwidth by moving high levels of streaming video to a fiber connection
  • Powered through the deviceís USB, no external power supply needed
  • Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet adapters available
  • Easy set-up: Simple and portableótake it with you to multiple work spaces
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