Entrix supplies communications and networking products from world class manufacturers
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About Entrix

Who are we?

Entrix Computing Ltd. was founded in February 1993 and is an independent privately owned limited company based in the UK. Kim Harris is the Managing Director and you are likely to be dealing with him personally. Kim has been in IT since 1975 and has been involved in designing and implementing solutions for system management and connectivity for over 35 years.

Our philosophy is to identify real problems faced every day by users, I.T. professionals and engineers, to understand them, and to provide effective and practical solutions for them.

Our customers turn to us time and time again because we are straightforward, knowledgeable, flexible, reliable and responsive. We have a large installed base ranging from blue chip multinational companies to individuals.

What do we do?

Entrix supplies high quality connectivity products for cellular networking, console and remote access, fibre media conversion, industrial protocol conversion and expanded serial connectivity from devices to systems or system to system.

We have considerable experience in working with our customers to provide Internet connectivity, especially in locations which have little or no hard-wired broadband. We have provided serial connectivity by Ethernet, expansion cards, USB and WiFI.

We help to specify solutions for Internet access requirements over mobile phone networks and wired broadband and offer a vast range of fibre to copper media converters including industrial specification products.

Whose products do we sell?

We supply world class products from Robustel, Celerway, Digi International, Perle, Transition Networks, Moxa, Opengear, Equustek and Pepperl+Fuchs (MacTEK). Click here for details of vendors represented by Entrix.

Whatever your project, talk to us without obligation and visit our extensive on-line product catalogue. If you are unable to find what you need, call us on 01223 750277.

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