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How to manage IT Networks when you can't be on-site - Why Customers like Perle SCG Console Servers (November 2020)

In a world where people are working from home or, participating in distance learning, IT Administrators are under increased pressure to ensure 24/7 network infrastructure uptime. However, given that the network administrator is also generally off-site, there is only one solution Ė Out-of-Band Management. What is it and why do you need it?

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What do users like about IOLAN SCG Console Servers for OOBM?

  • "It is so easy to mix and match the USB 3.0 and RS232 RJ45 interface modules to have the right ports I need to manage all of my equipment."
  • "Finally, a Console Server that allows me to use straight-through patch cables to Cisco equipment! No more adapters, dongles or special cables cluttering up my racks."
  • "Perle's built-in Clustering Software gives me everything I need for centralized management with no annual licence fee and no additional hardware."
  • "No matter where I install a Perle IOLAN, I know it will have the right AAA security and encryption protocols to meet the corporate compliance policies."
  • "I love the Front-Panel Display and Keyboard. With a quick IP address set-up the unit is up and running. It is also a convenient way to monitor and trouble-shoot the RS232, USB, Ethernet and dual power supply activity."

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