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Transition Networks Launches Industry’s First Plenum-Rated, UL Certified PoE++ Switch for Smart Lighting Systems (June 2020)

Transition Networks has announced the industry’s first Plenum-Rated, UL Certified PoE++ switch for Smart Lighting Systems.

The SISPM1040-582-LRT switch is optimized for PoE lighting deployment and smart building device connectivity.

Minneapolis, MN – June 3, 2020 — Transition Networks, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent edge connectivity solutions, today announced its managed hardened Power Over Ethernet ++ (PoE++) switch is the industry’s first plenum-rated, UL 2043 and UL 2108 certified PoE++ switch for PoE smart lighting systems.

Plenum space refers to the area of a building that provides circulating air space for heating and air conditioning systems such as above suspended ceilings or below raised floors. This is also where communication cables are often located. In accordance with the National Electrical Code, the cable and connectivity components used must be made of materials that are noncombustible and have smoke characteristics that are non-toxic and prevent fire spreading. This allows safe power delivery and connectivity for IP-enabled devices.

Transition Networks’ SISPM1040-582-LRT switch is optimized for smart building technology deployment and certified to be installed in the plenum spaces with communications cabling.

It will be vital for applications such as intelligent PoE lighting, cameras, sensors and other smart devices. The switch is a managed PoE++ switch that provides (8) 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE++ ports with (2) 100/1000 Mbps dual-speed SFP slots, supplying up to 90 Watts per port on (4) ports or 60 Watts per port on (8) ports simultaneously.

The switch features Device Management System (DMS) software for simplified configuration, installation and troubleshooting. The DMS software provides integrators with lower overall cost, less downtime, and easier management and maintenance of the entire PoE++ network. Auto-power reset (APR) functionality, enables monitoring and remote reset of powered devices.

“As facilities add more smart building technology, our plenum-rated PoE++ switch can now be used in plenum spaces to connect and power intelligent PoE light fixtures and other IP enabled end points,” said Glenn Buck, Manager of Solution Engineering, Transition Networks. “This simplifies cable installations and eliminates traditional costs.”

“Having the PoE++ switch installed in plenum spaces where the end devices are often located, greatly reduces installation time and cost of materials,” continued Buck. “With the plenum-rated Transition Networks SISPM1040-582-LRT switch, integrators can be assured that our equipment will operate safely and reliably in these spaces, while meeting the power and connectivity requirements of smart building applications.”

As part of the plenum rating, the switch is now UL 2043 certified, which means that it meets the standard for fire, heat and smoke in air-handling spaces. The switch is also UL 2108 certified meeting the standard for low voltage lighting systems and components.

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