Entrix is an ISO9001 quality rated firm supplying communications and networking products from world class manufacturers
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Welcome to Entrix

Connectivity and Internet Security

Entrix supplies high quality connectivity products for cellular networking, console and remote access, fibre media conversion, industrial protocol conversion and expanded serial connectivity from devices to systems or system to system. We specialise in cellular connectivity for wired broadband replacement, industrial connectivity and IoT applications (Internet of Things). We also supply powerful Internet security solutions from SonicWALL. These can often be combined with our cellular connectivity products.

Research and buy online of course, but don't forget, we really like to talk to people!

Our website contains details of most of our products. You can shop online and place orders here if you know what you want and have an account or wish to pay by credit or debit card but do not hesitate to ask questions.

We are not just an online catalogue: we would be delighted to talk to you about your requirements. Selection of a product can be a complex matter and we have many years of experience in connectivity, networking and system management. We provide free telephone and email support for most of our products.

Product filters: we are working on our website to make it easier to research self-select products if you prefer it. This involves applying filters to the various options to narrow down the thousands of part numbers so that you are not overwhelmed. Where filters are available, click the tick boxes. These are cumulative so that if you select more than one button, the product must match all of the selected filters to be displayed. This is a work-in-progress and as always, please don't hesitate to call if you would like help.

Call us:Whatever your project, talk to us - without any obligation - on 01223 750277

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The prices shown on the site are list (except for special offers) and so if you are a reseller you may wish to contact us to establish whether a reseller discount is available. If no price is shown, please call us.

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