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eX-S1110-XT Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Extenders

NPort 5110A/5130A/5150A Series

NPort 5150AI-M12/5250AI-M12/5450AI-M12 Series

NPort 5610/5630 Series

NPort 6150 Series

10 Gigabit - Copper to Fibre

10 Gigabit Modules

10 Gigabit Modules

10,000 User Pack Subscriptions

10/100 - Copper to Fibre

10/100 Bridging

10/100 Bridging

10/100 PoE and PoE+ - Copper to Fibre

10/100/1000 - Copper to Fibre

10/100/1000 Bridging

10/100/1000 Industrial Temperature Media Converters - Unmanaged

10/100/1000 PoE and PoE+ - Copper to Fibre

100 User Pack Subscriptions

1000 User Pack Subscriptions

1000Mb Gigabit

100Mb Fast Ethernet

100Mb Fast Ethernet

100Mb Fast Ethernet

10G Base SFPs

10Mb Ethernet

10Mb Ethernet

1S/2S JumboSwitch Card Cage

1U JumboSwitch Card Cage

2 Ch. or 4 Ch. FXS or FXO over Ethernet

2-Channel RS-422 Serial Server w/Handshake

2000 User Pack Subscriptions

25 User Pack Subscriptions

250 User Pack Subscriptions

2U JumboSwitch Card Cage

4-Channel RS232/422/485 Serial Server

4-Channel Turbo Serial-Over-IP

4U JumboSwitch Card Cage

50 User Pack Subscriptions

500 User Pack Subscriptions

5000 User Pack Subscriptions

6-Port Gigabit Copper Ethernet Switch

6-Port SFP Gigabit Ethernet Switch

600 Ohm Analog and Dry Contact-over-IP Gateway

750 User Pack Subscriptions

8-Channel Alarm Monitoring

8-Channel Dry Contact-over-IP Gateway

802.11a/b/g Access Points, Bridges, Adapters and Antennae



Adder AV Extenders

Adder CATX Computer Access Modules

Adder DDX Computer Access Modules

Adder KVMs & Extenders

Adder Power Supplies

Adder Rack Mount Kits

Adder SFPs

AdderLink AV100

AdderLink AV200

AdderLink Digital IPEPS

AdderLink DV 100

AdderLink DV104T

AdderLink DV120

AdderLink Infinity 1002

AdderLink Infinity Dual 2002

AdderLink Infinity Dual 2020

AdderLink Infinity Dual 2112T

AdderLink Infinity Manager

AdderLink IP

AdderLink IP Gold

AdderLink IPEPS

AdderLink LPV150

AdderLink LPV154T

AdderLink X-DVI PRO

AdderLink X-DVI PRO DL

AdderLink X-DVI Pro MS

AdderLink X-KVM

AdderLink X-USB PRO

AdderLink X-USB PRO

AdderLink X-USB PRO MS

AdderLink X100

AdderLink X2

AdderLink X2 MultiScreen

AdderLink X2-Gold & X2-Gold DA

AdderLink X2-Silver & X2-Silver DA

AdderLink X200

AdderLink X50

AdderLink X50 MultiScreen

AdderLink XD150

AdderLink XD522

AdderView 4 PRO DisplayPort

AdderView 4 PRO DVI

AdderView 4 PRO DVI Multi Screen

AdderView 4 PRO VGA

AdderView 4 PRO VGA Multi Screen

AdderView CATx 1000

AdderView CATx 4000

AdderView CATxIP 1000

AdderView CATxIP 4000

AdderView CATxIP 5000

AdderView CCS-Pro4

AdderView DDX USR

AdderView DDX10

AdderView DDX30

AdderView Prism

AdderView RDX 5000IP

AdderView Secure Analogue

AdderView Secure Digital

ADSL/VDSL routers

Analog Multiplexors



Bridging Modules

Bridging Modules

Broadcast and Receive Unit

Broadcasters and Bridges

C-4GPT-DSFP Fibre Mode Converter Module

C37.94-over-IP Gateway

Cables and Patch Cords

CCTV Modules

CCTV Modules

Cellular/3G/4G Routers

Chassis and Accessories

Chassis And Accessories

Chassis Hardware

Chassis Hardware

Chassis Units, Management cards and Power Supplies

Cisco Compatible

Clearance Items

Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS)


Console Management

Content Filtering

Content Filtering

Converge Chassis mounting units for SFPs

Copper Patch Cords

CWDM Wavelength SFPs

CWDM Wavelength SFPs - Cisco Compatible

Data Multiplexors

DDS/56K-over-IP Gateway


Desktop and Rack KVM Switches

Device Controller


Digi Accessories

Digi Brackets and Mountings

Digi Cables and Adapters

Digi Cellular Accessories

Digi Cellular Antenna Cables and Adapters

Digi Cellular Antennas

Digi Cellular Power Supplies

Digi Cellular Router Mounts and Brackets

Digi Cellular Routers

Digi Cellular Serial Adapters and Cables

Digi Cellular SIM Security Brackets

Digi Cellular Software Upgrades

Digi CM Console Server

Digi Connect ES (Extended Safety)

Digi Connect ME 1 port Serial-Ethernet Device Server Module

Digi Connect Sensor

Digi Connect SP

Digi Connect Tank

Digi Connect Wi-ME 1 port Serial-WiFi Device Server Module

Digi Connectors and Accessories for Device Servers

Digi ConnectPort LTS 8/16/32

Digi ConnectPort TS 8/16

Digi ConnectPort X2

Digi ConnectPort X4

Digi Console Management

Digi Edgeport Serial to USB Adapters

Digi Embedded Device Servers

Digi Gateway Accessories

Digi GPS Antennas

Digi Industrial Device Servers and Protocol Converters

Digi Internal RAS Boards

Digi Neo Serial Cards

Digi One SP Device Server

Digi Passport Console Management Server

Digi PortServer TS MEI

Digi Power Supply Units

Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Power Management

Digi Remote Power Manager

Digi Router Remote Management

Digi Serial Over Ethernet

Digi Support Contracts & Services

Digi TransPort LR54 Enterprise Routers

Digi Transport WR

Digi TransPort WR CDMA 450 Mhz

Digi TransPort WR Edge

Digi TransPort WR Family

Digi TransPort WR GPRS

Digi TransPort WR HSUPA

Digi TransPort WR Router Options

Digi Transport WR11

Digi Transport WR21

Digi Transport WR31 Industrial Routers

Digi Transport WR44

Digi Utility Communication Hub with 4G LTE

Digi Watchport Sensors

Digi Wireless Port and Device Servers

Digi Wireless Vehicle Bus Adaptor

Digi Xbee Antennas

Digi XBee DigiMesh/Multi-Point Adapters

Digi XBee Gateway

Digi XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 Range Extender

DS3 Chassis Cards

DS3 Modules

DS3 Modules

Email Security

Email Security Appliances

Email Security Software

Email Security Subscriptions

Email Security Virtual Appliances

Environmental Monitoring


Equustek Protocol Converters

Ethernet / IP-over-T1/ E1

Ethernet Multiplexors

Ethernet/IP-Over-T3/E3 Gateway

eX-C110 Fast Ethernet Extender Modules

eX-C1110 Gigabit Ethernet Extender Modules

eX-CM110 Managed Fast Ethernet Extender Modules

eX-CM1110 Managed Gigabit Ethernet Extender Modules

eX-S110 Fast Ethernet Extenders

eX-S110-XT Industrial Fast Ethernet Extenders

eX-S1110 Gigabit Ethernet Extenders

eX-SM110 Managed Fast Ethernet Extenders

eX-SM1110 Managed Gigabit Ethernet Extenders

eXP-S110 PoE Fast Ethernet Extenders

eXP-S110-XT Industrial PoE Fast Ethernet Extenders

eXP-S1110 PoE Gigabit Ethernet Extenders

eXP-S1110-XT Industrial PoE/PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Extenders

eXP-S1110PE PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Extenders


Fast Ethernet - Copper to Fibre

Fast Ethernet - Fibre to Fibre

Fast Ethernet or ATM / OC-3 / OC-12 / SDH / SONET modules

Fibre & Networking

Fibre Optic Cables and Patch Cords

Fibre Optic Modems

Fibre Optic Multiplexors

Fixed IP SIMs

G.703/64K-over-IP Gateway


Gigabit - Coper to Fibre

Gigabit - Fibre to Fibre

Gigabit and 10/100/1000 Bridging

Gigabit and 10/100/1000 Bridging

Global VPN Client for Windows


GW2000 Series

GW2020 Series

GW2040 Series

GW6000 Series

GW6110 Series

GW6125 Series

GW6510 Series

GW6525 Series

GW6600 Series

GW6710 Series

GW6800 Series

GW7000 Series

GW7000-DRM Series

GW7010 Series

GW7025 Series

GW7100 Series

GW7125 Series

GW7225 Series

GW7300 Series

GW7600 Series

GW7900 Series

High-Speed Mode Converters

Hosted Email Security

HP Compatible SFPs


Industrial Device Servers

Industrial Media Converter Modules

Industrial USB Hubs

Internal RAS Boards

ION Platform DS3 T3/E3 remotely managed Network Interface Device (NID)

Ion Platform T1/E1 Chassis modules

Ion Platform T1/E1 Stand Alone modules


Keyboard Mouse Switch

KVM Accessories

KVM Cables

KVM Extenders


KVM Switches




KWX Environmental Monitorinig




KWX N1 IP 3-Phase



KWX N2 IP 3-Phase



KWX N3 IP 3-Phase



KWX N4 IP 3-Phase


Low-Speed Mode Converters


Main & Management Cards

Managed 10/100 - Copper to Fibre

Managed 10/100/1000 - Copper to Fibre

Managed 10G-BaseT

Managed Fast Ethernet - Copper to Fibre

Managed Fast Ethernet - Fibre to Fibre

Managed Gigabit - Copper to Fibre

Managed Gigabit - Fibre to Fibre

Managed Switches

Managed Switches

Management and Reporting

Media Converters

MiLAN Power over Ethernet Injector

Mode Converters


Modems and Media Converters


Moxa CN2510 Series

Moxa CN2610 Series

Moxa Dual-Radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client

Moxa IMC-21GA Series Industrial gigabit Ethernet-to-fiber media converters

Moxa Industrial Ethernet-to-Fiber Media Converters

Moxa Industrial WiFi Access Points, Bridges and Clients

Moxa ISA Serial Cards

Moxa PC/104 Serial Cards

Moxa PCIe/UPCI/PCI Serial Cards

Moxa Rail Wireless LAN - Carriage to Carriage

Moxa Rail Wireless LAN - Train to Ground

Moxa Serial Cards

Moxa Single-Radio Wireless AP/Bridge/Client

Moxa Switches

Moxa Technologies Industrial Ethernet Switches

Moxa Technologies NPort Serial Device Servers

Moxa Terminal Servers

Moxa Uport Serial to USB Range

Moxa Wireless & Zigbee Device Servers

MSA Compatible Duplex LC

MSA Compatible Simplex LC

Multi Drop

Multi-Drop Multiplexors



Multiport Serial Cards

Net2Edge Liberator


NetSys Ethernet Extenders

Network Interface Cards & Adapters

Network Management

Network Security


NIC PCIe Cards


NPort 5110/5130/5150 Series

NPort 5210/5230/5232 Series

NPort 5210A/5230A/5250A Series

NPort 5410/5430/5450 Series

NPort 5600-8-DT/5650-8-DT Series

NPort 5610-8-DTL/5650-8-DTL Series

NPort 5650 Series

NPort 6250 Series

NPort 6450 Series

NPort 6610/6650 Series

NPort IA5150/5250 Series

NPort IA5150A/IA5250A/IA5450A Series

NPort P5150A Series

NPort S8455/S8458 Series

NPort W2150A/W2250A WiFi Device Servers

NPort Z2150 Series Zigbee Device Servers

NPort Z3150 Series Zigbee Device Servers

NSA - Network Security Appliance Series

NSA 240 Services & Support

NSA 2400MX Services & Support

NSA 250M

NSA E5500 Service & Support

NSA E6500 Services & Support

NSA E7500 Services & Support

NSA E8500 Services & Support

NSA Modules

NSS cards

OAM/IP-Based Remotely Managed ION Platform Stand-Alone Network Interface Devices

Optional additions to Transition Managed Switches

Parallel Cards

Patton External RAS Solutions

PDU Expert Intelligent PDUs

PDUex Switched PDUs

PDUex-MN Switched PDUs

PDUex-SL Switched PDUs

PDUex-SLX Switched PDUs



Perle Accessories

Perle Cellular Device Servers

Perle Chassis Based Media Converters

Perle Chassis Mounted Ethernet Extenders

Perle Connection Boxes

Perle Converters and Adapters

Perle Ethernet Extenders

Perle eX-S110 Fast Ethernet Extenders

Perle Fanout Cables

Perle Fixed Configuration IO PCI Cards

Perle Fixed Configuration PCI Express Serial Cards

Perle Fixed Configuration UltraPort PCI Cards

Perle Fixed Configuration UltraPort SI EIA-232/422/485 Serial Cards

Perle Industrial Ethernet Switches

Perle Internal RAS boards

Perle IOLAN SCS Series

Perle IOLAN I/O Device Servers

Perle IOLAN Medical Terminal Servers

Perle IOLAN Plus

Perle IOLAN RS232 Serial Terminal Server

Perle IOLAN SCS 16 Port

Perle IOLAN SCS 32 Port

Perle IOLAN SCS 48 Port

Perle IOLAN SCS 8 Port

Perle IOLAN SDS RS232 / RS422 / RS485 - Advanced Serial Terminal Servers

Perle IOLAN TS Terminal Servers

Perle Maintenance Agreements

Perle Media Converters

Perle Multiport Serial Cards

Perle Power Distribution Units

Perle Serial Over Ethernet

Perle Small Format Pluggable Media Converters (SFPs)

Perle Speed LE Cards

Perle Stand Alone Media Converters

Perle SX PCI Serial Card Expandable Range

Perle Wall and Rack mounting kits

Perle Wireless Device Servers

Perle Wiring Kits

Plain Ordinary Telephone System (POTS) Modules

Plain Ordinary Telephone System (POTS) Modules

PortServer TS

Power Card Options

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power Supply Units

PowerXpress HART Power Supplies

PowerXpress Solutions

Pro 1260/2040/3060/4060 Services & Support

Remote Access Servers

Remote Power Management


SDSL Routers from Patton

Secure Remote Access


Serial Data Modems

Serial Device Servers

Serial Over Ethernet

Serial/Fibre modules

Serial/Fibre modules

SFP GBIC Modules

SFP+ from Sonicwall

Single Port Device Servers from Digi and Perle

SMI-10GT Managed Media Converters

SMI-4GPT-DSFP Fiber Mode Converter

SOHO3/TELE3 Services & Support

SonicPoint Series Secure WiFi Access Points



SonicWall Add-Ons

SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA Virtual Appliance

SonicWall Aventail SRA

SonicWALL Aventail SRA EX6000

SonicWALL Aventail SRA EX7000

SonicWall CDP Continuous Data Protection Series

SonicWALL Content Filtering Client (CFC)

SonicWall Email and Anti-Spam Security Appliances

SonicWALL Email Security appliance 3300

SonicWALL Email Security appliance 4300

SonicWALL Email Security appliance 8300

SonicWALL Enforced Client Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

SonicWall Global Management System (GMS)

SonicWall Legacy Service and Support

SonicWALL Licensing and Support

SonicWall NSA 220 (Discontinued)

SonicWall NSA 2400 Services & Support

SonicWall NSA 2600

Sonicwall NSA 3500 Service & Support

SonicWall NSA 3600

SonicWall NSA 4500 (Discontinued)

SonicWall NSA 4600

SonicWall NSA 5000 (Discontinued)

SonicWall NSA 5600

SonicWall NSA 6600

SonicWALL NSA E8510 Service & Support

Sonicwall NSA5600 Services and Add-ons

SonicWALL Service and Support

SonicWALL Soho

SonicWall SonicPoint ACe

SonicWall SonicPoint ACi

SonicWALL SonicPoint N2 WiFi Access Point

SonicWALL SRA 1200 Service & Support

SonicWall SRA 1600

SonicWALL SRA 4200 Service & Support

SonicWall SRA EX9000

SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance

SonicWall SSL VPN

SonicWall SSL VPN Licences

SonicWALL Super Massive 9800 Firewall

SonicWALL TZ300

SonicWALL TZ400

SonicWALL TZ500

SonicWALL TZ600

SRA Appliance Series for SMB

Standalone Ethernet Extenders

SuperMassive 9000 Series

SuperMassive 9200

SuperMassive 9400

SuperMassive 9600

SuperMassive E10000 Appliance Series

SuperMassive E10200

SuperMassive E10400

SuperMassive E10800


T1 & E1 Multiplexers

T1 / E1-over-IP Gateway (1-4 ch.)

T1/E1 and T3/E3

T1/E1 Modules

T1/E1 Modules

T3 / E3-over-Ethernet ( DS3-over-Ethernet ) or Enterprise Networks

TC Communications

TC Communications

TC Communications - Jumbo Switch

TC Communications Fibre to Fibre Media Converter

TC Communications Multi-drop Serial Devices

TCC Switches


TekView PowerTxt Duo

Telephone Multiplexors


Teltonika Cellular Routers

Teltonika Routers

TotalSecure Email Security - Software



Transition Accessories

Transition Chassis Points System

Transition Coarse Wave Division Multiplexors (CWDM)

Transition Converge

Transition Ethernet Extenders

Transition Ethernet PCI Converters

Transition High Speed Serial Assemblies

Transition Indura Industrial Substation Switches

Transition Industrial Switches

Transition industrial Switches and Media Converters

Transition ION Platform Media Converters

Transition Media Converters

Transition OAM / IP-Based 10/100/1000 Bridging Point System Slide-In Module Media Converters

Transition OAM / IP-Based Remotely Managed 10/100/1000 Network Interface Device

Transition Patch Cables

Transition PSU Accessories

Transition Small Form Factor Pluggable Modules

Transition Stand Alone Media Converters

Transition Switches

Transition USB Fibre Adapters

Transition Wall and Rack Mount Brackets

Transport WR11

Transport WR21

Transport WR41

Transport WR44

TZ Series - Unified Threat Management Firewall

TZ100 Services & Support

TZ105 Services & Support

TZ150 Services & Support

TZ170/TZ180 Services & Support

TZ200 Services & Support

TZ205 Services & Support

TZ210 Services & Support

TZ215 Services And Support

Unmanaged 10/100 - Copper to Fibre

Unmanaged 10/100/1000 - Copper to Fibre

Unmanaged 10G-BaseT

Unmanaged Fast Ethernet - Copper to Fibre

Unmanaged Fast Ethernet - Fibre to Fibre

Unmanaged Gigabit - Copper to Fibre

Unmanaged Gigabit - Fibre to Fibre

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches


USB Modems

USB Over IP Hubs

USB Sensors

USB to Serial Interface Adapters


Viator Interfaces for Hart

Virtual Access Accessories

Virtual Access ADSL Routers

Virtual Assist for UTM Appliances

VoIP Virtual-PBX

VPort 36-1MP Series IP Cameras

WAN Acceleration Appliance (WXA) Series

Wave Division Multiplexors

Wind Indicators for Aviation and Industry


Wireless Device Servers

X2 Modules

XFP Modules

Kryptronic Internet Software Solutions