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How to Buy - Payment Methods

Online or conventionally - it's your choice!

Conventional ordering

Although we have an online store so that you can see all the products we have at your convenience, we completely understand that online purchasing is not for everyone. If you would like to have a quotation and then place a purchase order on us, just call us on 01223 750277 or sales@entrix.co.uk or use the contact form.

If you would like to set up an account with us for your purchases please contact us.

Ordering online

When you order online, we no longer accept card payments and so the "contact me for payment" option will be automatically selected and we will contact you to arrange payment for and we will send you a proforma for payment by electronic bank transfer. 
You should also select this option if you have a credit account with Entrix but still want to place your order online.

Please note that we do not accept cheques. 

If you have any questions or wish to set up a credit account with Entrix, just call us on 01223 750277 or use the contact form and we will be delighted to help. 

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